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Why should you come to First Leasing?
Your first question will understandably be why should you come to First Leasing Company of India Ltd? Our answer is that because we have 37 years of outstanding frontline experience in the Leasing industry in India. Our expertise is razor sharp in matters relating to taxation in India, Sales Tax, VAT, Legal issues etc., and there is no other leasing company with 37 years of comparable experience. Our specialists come with 37 years of real time experience which you will discover you have a pressing need for when you enter the Indian economy.

What can you do for us when we’ve exhausted our capital budget and our debt equity ratio is out of line?
We address such problems every other day. When your capital budget is exhausted and you face a cost over run, a lease transaction is the way out, because it’s a revenue expenditure, no board approvals required.

You need the credit facility as of “yesterday”
We at First Leasing are convinced that the game of business goes to the swift. We have an outstanding track record of quick reaction time for credit requests. Ask any of our customers multinational or Indian and they will tell you that First Leasing “walks its talk” and delivers decisions within days, rather than weeks, or months.

Where do you find money for Software purchases?
Banks and Financial Institutes don’t finance intangibles such as Software. We do and have been in the business for over 5 years.

What about Vendor Leasing to multiply our sales both middle ticket and large ticket products?
First Leasing has helped two leading world class multinational companies multiply their sales through our vendor leasing programs. Our prompt decision making and ability to negotiate meaningful transactions for customers of your products have gone a long way to assist in exponentially expanding the sales of world class multinationals in computer hardware and another dealing in electronic copier machines.

Could you assist us put together a lease for a Corporate Jet?
Recently with the financial press emphasizing the real likelihood this time around of 10 – 40% Withholding Tax on rentals payable to offshore lessors the earlier corporate solution of completing a Cross Border Lease will prove unacceptably expensive. As a domestic leasing operation we will not be troubled with this Withholding Tax nor for that matter will our lessee customers. This enables Companies that require Corporate Jets a quick and inexpensive means of accessing a Corporate Jet and what’s more its completely ‘Off Balance Sheet’.
What remedial steps can you take when depreciation rates are reduced in the tax budget?
If depreciation rates are reduced as is the case in the 2007 budget, we will structure for you a two or a one year lease, which permits Rentals to be charged against Taxable Income. This action translates into an effective 50% and 31/3% tax shield respectively, versus the meagre 15% depreciation on plant and machinery. Who bites the bullet, we do, because we have to report higher taxable income.

We grow infant ‘Sonys’ into big ‘Sonys’ (There is a growth gene in leasing).
You are convinced that your company has a product that will achieve block buster sales, but today you are an unrecognized ‘rough diamond’ We have on several occasions identified growth companies such as ‘Sony’ in its infancy and funded them into a full blown ‘Sony’ equivalent, by responding to their needs not our operating convenience.

How to beat the obsolescence problem?
Computer obsolescence is a worrisome thought that refuses to go away especially when the financial press daily introduces you to ‘innovative new machines’. First Leasing will dispel this concern with obsolescence on Computer leases and other advanced rapidly changing technologies by writing Operating Leases that place the risk of ownership (Residual Value) on First Leasing and will work with performing customers to refresh their technology with the latest.

Cost competitive rates
First Leasing believes that success in business goes to the lowest cost producer. We have diligently cut expenses every year. We achieved these attractive targets by managing a lean efficient organization with half the people that other companies have for comparable outputs.

What to do with the dragon of taxation?
First Leasing has successfully managed and grown a complex Leasing organization over 37 years. Most importantly our experience has been focused entirely on India not America, Japan or any other country. We understand leasing issues, regulations and tax problems pertaining to India, like the back of our hands. The knowledge we have accumulated about Indian taxation will continue to be the biggest differentiation factor that speaks for First Leasing vis-à-vis our competitors.

The most compelling reason why you should come to First Leasing Co of India Ltd?
Our interest in our customers is more than evident if you check the Income Tax Act and structures that have been created for the Leasing industry because you will find that First Leasing is responsible for most of them. First Leasing took on itself the responsibility of debating (through Tax Tribunals, High Courts and ultimately the Supreme Court) with the Income Department, to gain the substantial tax benefit of Investment Allowance for all leasing companies and with it the irrevocable right to claim capital allowances, a benefit which we pass on to our lessees through lower rentals. Need I say more? You could e-mail us at and let us know your needs. We have completed 36 tax assessments and none of our lessees have suffered any tax problems because of any sloppy lease agreements or documentation. We have 37 years of frontline tax experience that truly counts and can save your company a bundle. When the chips are down you can count on First Leasing’s experience.